Gard Gitlestad


Lighting design and engineering for Andrew Murray Baardsen's project BAYA. The project involves light integrated into set pieces, controlled by a custom system which takes simultaneous input from lighting consoles (ArtNet), musical instruments (MIDI) and drum triggers (piezoelectric transducers), to create effects synchronised with the music that is performed.

Collaborators on this ongoing project include Kyrre Heldal Karlsen, chief of lighting and coordinator of all things visual, and Ilavenil Jayapalan, video animator and -jockey.

BAYA live at Ingensteds, Oslo BAYA live at Revolver, Oslo BAYA live at Ingensteds, Oslo BAYA live at Ingensteds, Oslo

I also joined director Jenny Marie Hviding Schjerven and cinematographer Andreas Langeland Bjørseth to illuminate a bit of the video for Baya's track «Loon»:

Materials and tools used: